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DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®)
Foundation Certificate

The Digital Trust Academy. Digital Trust Training.

DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Foundation Certificate

Consumer faith in organisational governance, risk management, cybersecurity, data protection, privacy, and responsible use of new technologies, is of paramount important if businesses are to unlock their vast potential for future success.

Put simply, consumers interact with and purchase from organisations they trust.

Well publicised incidents, increasing legal and regulatory requirements and technological advances continue to result in a shift in how consumers view, interact with and ultimately make subsequent buying decisions.


Enabling digital trust has become an organisational necessity.

This 2-day, instructor led, DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Foundation Certificate equips participants with an understanding of what is required to build and maintain digital trust in the modern business world.


There are no prerequisites for this Foundation level course. The course is suitable for all employees at all levels.

Participants are provided with:

  • DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Foundation Certificate courseware including links to further digital trust related reading and resources

  • DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Foundation Certificate of Completion

  • DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Foundation Certificate digital badge

Digital Trust Professional Foundation Certificate Digital Badge

Course Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Foundation Certificate participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of digital trust

  • Describe components of digital trust

  • Explain the importance of governance, risk management and compliance in establishing digital trust

  • Explain information and cybersecurity concepts

    • Identify common related standards and frameworks

  • Explain privacy, data protection and transparency and the relationship to digital trust

    • Identify common legal and regulatory requirements

  • Explain organisational resilience concepts

    • Identify common related standards and frameworks

  • Understand technological advances, trends and considerations for maintaining digital trust

  • Support digital trust planning and program execution in an organisation

UK, Small Business Owner

“I only selected '10' as there was no '11'... In all honesty, I could not rate this course higher. The level of depth on each section - whilst deep at points - was presented in a way that enabled an understanding for all styles. A dedicated and passionate trainer accompanying the material certainly helps, it's a win-win.
I would highly recommend this to anyone, even with little to no knowledge on the topics. I am certain everyone can benefit from this and apply the details to their own business (and sometimes personal life).
Thank you!"
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